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(early 1740s -1777)

CM 0022003
Hybrid SACD

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Sinfonia in C major (1770-1773)
The First Russian symphony

Aria of Timante "Prudente Mi Chiedi" from "Il Demofonte" opera (1773)

Aria of Timante "Misero Pargoletto" from "Il Demofonte" opera (1773)

Sonata in B flat major for Harpsichord

Sonata in C major for Harpsichord

Sonata in F major for Harpsichord (in two parts)

Sonata in C major for Violin and Harpsichord (1772)

Quartet "Cast Me Not Off In The Time Of Old Age" (before 1769)
(transcription for Strings by P. Serbin, 2003)

Tracks 1 - 9 are the World Premiere Recordings


Caro Mitis Multichannel SACD CM 0022003, 54:48
Pratum Integrum Orchestra (original instruments)

3 Stars - ***

World premiere recordings of works by an 18th century Russian composer

These are all world premiere recordings of music by a Russian composer and singer who lived until 1777. The performances are by a highly skilled ensemble of young Russian musicians comprising one of the only original instrument ensembles in Russia. We have reviewed earlier SACDs from Caro Mitis; they are engineered primarily by Polyhymnia in Holland and have the highest sonic standards.

There are opposing views of Berezovsky?s career, importance as a composer, and death in at least two sources: the album?s note booklet and Nicolas Slonimsky?s Baker?s Dictionary. Slonimsky dispenses with the composer in a short paragraph, saying that the Russian court chapel sent him to study in Bologna, Italy - where he wrote his opera Il Demofonte. And that upon returning to Russia Italian musicians had taken all the good positions, which made Berezovsky despondent and he killed himself. The Russian authority who compiled the liner notes says that upon his return Berezovsky actually got a very high position as capellmeister of the Royal Court capella, and that he died while still in his 30s from a disease. The suicide story evidently was started by the composer?s first biographer, who talked about ?hypochondria? leading him to ?a fever and insanity,? and making him ?stab himself to death.?

The opening Sinonia is considered very first Russian symphony. It is in a sort of generic 18th century style, as are the three sonatas for harpsichord, which were just recently discovered. Berezovsky wrote much liturgical music and his concerto for four voices ?Cast me Not Off in the Time of Old Age? is regarded as his greatest sacred work. Therefore it seems odd that it is the closing, and most interesting work, on this SACD with the overall title of Secular Music (although it is an arrangement for string quartet rather than the original voices). I?m sorry but although this is commendable production in all aspects, I can?t fully agree with the notes? characterization of Berezovsky as a genius.

- John Sunier
Audiophile Audition

MA Recordings will soon be discontinuing the sale of Caro Mitis, the Hybrid SACD classical label from Russia.

All recordings produced by Caro Mitis (translated from the Latin as "Succulent Fruit") are pure multi-channel DSD productions, most of them recorded in the revered studios of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR) in Moscow.

Caro Mitis' policy is to present state-of-art performances of classical works by outstanding Russian & European musicians, ensembles & orchestras. The catalog contains a number of World Premiere Recordings, particularly of early music.

Caro Mitis fundamentals are:

? recording and postproduction by Polyhymnia International B.V. from Holland, the leader in the SACD format that also works with Harmonia Mundi, Pentatone and others.

? manufacturing of all titles as hybrid SACDs (thus allowing listeners to play the disks on regular CD-players as well as SACD players) at SONY DADC (Austria);

? unique designs for each disk (created by Kosta Gusalov - one of the leading Russian graphic artists) based on the use of national historical engravings

? multi-lingual booklets and inlays with extensive illustrated information

? a long-term recording program with a number of World Premiere Recordings every year.


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