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* this is a 96 kHz recording

João Paulo Esteves Da Silva - Hamburg Steinway Full Concert Grand Piano

Peter Epstein - Soprano & Alto saxophones

MA presents yet another recording of Portuguese pianist João Paulo, this time in duos with saxophonist, Peter Epstein. Like "O Exilio" and "Almas", "Esquina" was recorded in the Anglican Church in Lisbon, Portugal. actually, immediately after the sessions for "Almas" in August, 1998. Being a collection of duets, rather than the trio configurations of the first 2 albums, the atmosphere is perhaps more relaxed as we are able to hear the intimate musical dialog between João Paulo and Peter.

Here are João Paulo`s notes from this new record Esquina, which means, "Corner" in Portuguese.....


É o lado de fora do ângulo, o ponto de encontro de duas ruas, de duas pessoas, de duas rectas, de duas notas, de duas vozes...

É onde as diferenças se cruzam e o infinit se esconde, ora sorrindo ora cortando.

É o espaço das duas vontades que se tocam, fazem voar a liberdade para além de tudo o que se agarra.

É o lugar em que se lê e interpreta o sentido da palavra "amor" e se decide entre a guerra e a paz.

É (quem sabe?) a Shekina, a Presença...

Nas nossas ruas, nas nossas cidades, é de onde os mendigos e as prostitutas nos chamam, e donde, às vezes, surgem os ladrões que nos assaltam e nos impedem de dormir sobre a mentira.

É um lugar sagrado, portanto;


Do outro lado da esquina, no seu lado de de dentro, lá bem no interior, após o mergulho inevitável nas profundezas do infinito, encontra - se o "Canto", que é o prinicípio de qualquer história e o começo de qualquer conto.


It is the outward side of the angle, the meeting point of two streets, two persons, two straight lines, two notes, two voices...

It is where differences cross each other and - where the infinite hides behind a smile or a cutting edge.

It is the space where two wills, touch each other and make freedom fly beyond every possible thing that can be grasped.

The place where it is read and interpreted, the sense of the word "love", where one decides between, war and peace.

It is perhaps (who knows?) the "Shekina", the (in) dwelling...

In our cities, in our streets, it is from where beggars and prostitutes often call us and from where, sometimes, bandits jump up and assault us and keep us from sleeping over our lies.

It is, thus, a sacred place;


On the other side of the "Esquina" (the corner), on the inward side, on the interior, after the deep and unavoidable dive into the infinite, one finds the "Canto" (Chant) and, again, the corner which is the beginning of every tale and the accounting for every number.

João Paulo


During the three month period that passed between the trio recording sessions of "0 Exílio" and "Almas", Peter Epstein and I had the chance of playing some concerts. Some of these concerts were in trio configuration, while some were duos, specifically a three night booking at the Hot Club in Lisboa.

Playing duo with Peter was an experience so unique and incomparable to any other that at the moment Todd Garfinkle arrived to record the previously scheduled "Almas" session, he had to deal with our "suggestion" to record this extra project.

And so, after the "Almas" session, on what would have been a day off, we did ''Esquina.''

July 24, 2000
João Paulo


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